SIAM Professional BOK launching on the 12th December!

An exciting announcement about the next stages of the SIAM Body of Knowledge project took place at the ITSM17 conference this week.

SIAM at ITSM17 with Simon Dorst and Michelle Major-Goldsmith
SIAM at ITSM17 with Simon Dorst and Michelle Major-Goldsmith

The Scopism team were in Manchester for the event and we were very lucky to be joined by SIAM architect group leaders Michelle Major- Goldsmith and Simon Dorst in attendance all the way from Australia with some massive news.

Michelle commented: “As we have been working on the SIAM project it became clear that there was such a vast amount of great material and higher level thought leadership content then was able to go into foundation level. It made sense to produce a professional level of guidance which the global architect team have been working on.  We expanded our team to more than 40 global practitioners to make sure the new BoK would reflect current practices, but also pitfalls and successes from a varied group of collaborators.”

Whilst in the UK they presented a very well attended session hosted by Claire Agutter titled “SIAM, the good, the bad, the obligatory and the virtuous.”

SIAM, the good, bad, obligatory & virtuous presentation at ITSM17
SIAM, the good, bad, obligatory & virtuous presentation at ITSM17

An engaging and interactive discussion complete with props (we loved the hats!) guided the audience through the key considerations for a successful SIAM implementation and the history of the framework.

In the multi sourcing digital workplace we all now function it, it has been quickly recognised as a key skill to have for IT and business people to keep your organisation running smoothly and successfully.

In the new Professional BoK the team take the theory of the Foundation BoK and put it into the reality of the roadmap that we are all on.

The theory is centred around the SIAM Roadmap, which has four iterative stages:

A knowledgeable observer will notice these stages are aligned to the ITIL Service Lifecycle and many other lifecycle models, which is of course not by coincidence as those models are tried and tested. It allows for an easier alignment with those practices and an understanding for those already in the ITSM industry.

We will be updating this blog once the professional BOK is launched. Be sure to download the Foundation Bok here  if you haven’t already!