Virtual Consultants

What is virtual consultancy?

The traditional consultancy model of large teams on site for weeks at a time is out of sync with today’s culture. Clients want access to the very best people, on their terms.

Scopism offers consultancy as a service (CaaS). Our clients get the advice and support they need, when they need it, from enthusiastic and committed professionals – delivered virtually.

CaaS engagements can be used to provide support and mentoring, for specific projects, for people who are new in their role, and for anyone involved in a digital transformation program. If a project is going off course, our consultants can get you back on track, fast.

Working with a virtual consultant is simple

You start with a kick-off meeting, where you get to know each other. You will agree what you want to achieve and a draft timetable for your meetings. After the meeting, your consultant will confirm the objectives in writing and set up your diary appointments. You can use virtual consultancy time for meetings, or to ask your consultant to review documents and plans. Your timetable is flexible, subject to your and your consultant’s availability.

The future of consultancy is virtual

Have you ever…
  • Completed a training course and then wondered where to start?
  • Wished you could have just a short conversation with someone who’s done it all before?
  • Felt like your company could be doing things better, but not know how?
  • Wanted some ongoing support during a long term project, but not on a full time basis?
Imagine having the best consultants in the industry at your fingertips. Choose who you work with, for how long, and how often. Virtual consultants give you flexible help when you need it most.

Consultancy packages

Typical packages include:
  • Building an improvement plan - define measurable steps to meet your long term goals
  • Change enabler - support during an organizational change such as a restructure, digital transformation or insourcing/outsourcing
  • 60 minute support - to answer that urgent question, or to help you get to know our consultants
  • Emergency assistance - who do you call when something goes wrong?
  • Industry expert - work with the best of the best in fields like organizational change and agile management
  • Mentoring - regular support if you’re new in post or working in a new way
  • Rapid assessment - a targeted evaluation of what’s in place and recommendations for improvements

Our consultants

We’ve assembled a team of experts from all over the world. If you’ve got a specific requirement, contact us for advice.
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Bill Harkins

Location: Scotland
Languages: English
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Case Author
  • Policy Development
  • Programme & Project Management
  • Business Benefits
  • Public Value
  • Information Assurance
  • Partnership Working
  • Strategic Leadership.

Basab Nandi

Location: India
Languages: English
  • Service Management consulting in IT and non-IT organizations
  • ITSM coaching, training and team building including Agile and DevOps
  • ITIL and ISO 20000 maturity audit; process design and implementation
  • ITSM tool & automation – architecture, implementation and integration
  • Establishment of SMO and Service related Balanced Scorecard
  • Design of CMDB, Service Catalog, SLAs/UCs

Mark Haddad

Location: UK
Languages: English
  • ITIL
  • Cobit
  • ISO 20000
  • DevOps

Aleks Yenin

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Languages: English, Polish, Russian
  • IT services management
  • Strategy planning in IT
  • Atlassian expertise
  • ITIL

Daniel Breston

Location: UK, Worldwide
Languages: English
  • Getting technology teams top down to improve the way they work and service their organisations
  • Getting everyone to be able to answer the question Are you having a Good day with a business focused response
  • Aligning is not enough anymore: getting teams to keep ahead of serving business staff and customers by looking at goals and obstacles
  • Getting teams to think out of the box-for instance the best source of data is the Service Desk so get them to help introduce improvement

Damian Bowen

Location: UK, Worldwide
Languages: English
  • Team leadership
  • Mentoring & coaching
  • Service assessment, design and improvement
  • CSI planning
  • Service architecture & design
  • Experienced consultant
  • International speaker
  • Service troubleshooting
  • Awards & Recognition

Robert Pattacini

Location: Belgium, Europe
Languages: English, French and Dutch
  • IT Strategy Advisor
  • Service Management Architect
  • IT Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Process Design
  • Business Development
  • Program & Project Management
  • Technology Advisory
  • IT Maturity Assessment

Claire Agutter

Location: UK, Worldwide
Languages: English
  • Experienced consultant
  • Team management and mentoring
  • Process assessment, modelling, analysis and improvement
  • ITIL lecturer and examiner
  • Service management implementation and improvement
  • Gap analysis and benchmarking

Liz Gallacher

Location: UK, Worldwide
Languages: English
  • IT service management
  • ITIL framework
  • ITSM processes consultant
  • Service desk implementation
  • ISO/IEC 20000 consultant and trainer
  • ISO/IEC 20000 gap analyses & mentoring
  • ITIL v3 Expert consultant & trainer

James Gander

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Languages: English
  • ITIL V3 Expert
  • DevOps
  • ISO20000
  • Outsourcing & Insourcing
  • Business Process Improvement
  • IT Operations team improvements
  • Service Management tool implementation / replacement projects

Ivor Macfarlane

Location: UK / Worldwide
Languages: English
  • Heath checks and overview consultancy to help organizations
  • Full range of ITIL training courses
  • Process, service and satisfaction assessment support
  • Presentations, overviews and entire range of ITSM training and awareness
  • Experienced facilitator for ITSM simulation games

Suresh GP

Location: Bangalore, India
Languages: Tamil, English, Hindi
  • ITSM
  • IT Governance
  • Project Management
  • Agile
  • DevOps
  • Information Security
  • ISO 20000/27001/22301

Simon Dorst

Location: Perth, West Australia
Languages: English, Dutch/Nederlands
  • Experienced consultant
  • Maturity assessment & improvement
  • Service Management implementation, integration & improvement
  • ITIL Lead trainer

Ryan Ogilvie

Location: Calgary, Canada
Languages: English
  • Process assessment and gap analysis
  • Service management road mapping implementation
  • Metric analysis for improvement initiatives
  • ITSM Blogger

Randy Steinberg

Location: United States
Languages: English
  • PMP Certified
  • ISO20000
  • ITSM technologies
  • IT organization, large transformation program leadership

Nicklas Fredriksson

Location: Latin America / Worldwide
Languages: Swedish, English and Portugese
  • Experienced consultant
  • Team managment, managing consultant and mentoring
  • Experienced ITSM Change program- and organizational change lead
  • Accredited ITIL teacher
  • Change program startup, driver and initial baseline assessment specialist
  • ITSM pragmatician – making things work in practise

Michelle Major-Goldsmith

Location: Western Australia
Languages: English
  • Experienced service management consultant
  • ISO 20000 consultant
  • Outsourcing and transition management
  • Team management and mentoring
  • Service management lecturer
  • Service management assessment and improvement

Mark Edmead

Location: U.S. / Worldwide
Languages: English, Spanish
  • Enterprise architecture (TOGAF 9.1)
  • Lean IT/AgileDevOps
  • Business analysis
  • Business process improvement
  • Strategic IT planning
  • IT organization analysis
  • IT portfolio management
  • Business relationship management
  • IT governance

Stuart Rance

Location: UK, Worldwide
Languages: English
  • Very experienced in practical aspects of most ITSM activities
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Availability management
  • Capacity management
  • Senior technical support and many other roles
  • ITIL Expert
  • Organizational change management
  • Communication
  • Defining metrics and KPIs
  • Planning and managing continual service improvement

Simone Moore

Location: France / Worldwide
Languages: English / French (Limited)
  • Organisational Change Management & Behaviour change
  • Business Relationship Management
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Development of Service Level Agreements, Strategic and Operational plans
  • Business Review and recommendations
  • Process design
  • Reporting design and management
  • Training and Development Program design including courseware, assessment and ongoing performance management
  • Internal and external business unit and/or company communication plans, newsletters and business articles for publication
  • Professional Speaking and Presentations for internal company and external partner meetings, conference & training, SME Videos and Voiceovers

Karen Ferris

Location: Australia
Languages: English
  • Managing the process improvement cycle from strategy generation, analysis, opportunity identification, and development through to implementation and continual service improvement
  • Negotiating and influencing to realise strategic objectives by being alert to new ideas, engaging and agreeing team direction and goals
  • Complex problem solving by taking a strategic view combined with a tactical and practical approach that delivers business value
  • Driving organisational change and acceptance of new ways of working through strong leadership, coaching and mentoring, clear communication and planning
  • Understanding business drivers for change and moving the organisational culture from a technology focus to a service focus

Nikola Gaydarov

Location: Bulgaria, Worldwide
Languages: English
  • Business Relationship Management
  • Development of Service Level Agreements, Strategic and Operational plans
  • Business Requirements Management
  • Service Catalog Design
  • Service Request Catalog Design
  • ITSM Processes Design
  • Reporting design and management
  • Training and Development Program design including courseware, assessment and ongoing performance management
  • Organisational Change Management & Behaviour change
  • Project Management

Helen Morris

Location: France / UK
Languages: English
  • Experienced consultant (Certificate of IS Consultancy Practice – BCS)
  • ITIL Expert – consultant and trainer
  • Process assessment, engineering, modelling and analysis for improvement
  • Cultural change and improvement programme management / mentoring
  • Service management improvement programme management / mentoring
  • Team mentoring and management
  • Strategic planning for IT
  • Benchmarking and Gap analysis

Rob England

Location: New Zealand
Languages: English
  • Rob is differentiated by his independence, frankness, and Kiwi no-nonsense approach
  • IT strategy and governance consultancy
  • Transform IT – systems, people, practices, and tools – with approaches such as Continual Improvement and DevOps
  • Service-based financial management: budgeting and costing services, creating rate cards and cost allocation
  • Consulting on Ways of Working
  • Cultural change: when it comes to driving a service management mindset, we provide advice for planning and workshops for execution
  • Service lifecycle: approaches to service build and change, especially the integration of traditional waterfall approaches with Agile and DevOps to provide Multi-Speed IT capabilities

Patricia Speltincx-Mann

Location: UK & Belgium
Languages: English, French
  • Varied experience (over 30 years): people, organisational development, management, ITSM
  • Training experience, both as a lecturer and training material developer: ITIL, people skills (stress management, personal efficiency, relational intelligence…), workshops on various topics (innovative approach to processes, human dimension to performance…)
  • Wide knowledge in the fields of individual and organisational development
  • Critical thinker: does not follow the crowd, challenges the predominant management frameworks and paradigms, facilitates the integration of scientifically supported theories into the business world
  • Main character strengths (VIA model): critical thinking, love of learning, curiosity, honesty, perspective, fairness, bravery, perseverance
  • Diploma and main certificates: M. Sc. in IT, EMCC accredited coach, ITIL expert, Licensed Human Element Practitioner
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