Service North 2023 Sponsor Profile: HCLSoftware

Welcoming Our Esteemed Sponsors for ServiceNorth 2023.

We are thrilled to announce the invaluable support of our sponsors for ServiceNorth 2023, without whom this event would not have been possible. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to the industry is commendable, and we are honored to have them on board.

In this blog we present you with our sponsor HCLSoftware, where they talk about their motivation to sponsor ServiceNorth 2023, the importance of SIAM and some forecasts about SIAM in 5 years’s time.

About HCLSoftware

HCLSoftware, the software business division of HCLTech, fuels the Digital+ economy by developing, marketing, selling and supporting solutions in four key areas: digital transformation; data and analytics; AI and intelligent automation and enterprise security. HCLSoftware drives customer success through relentless product innovation for more than 20,000 organizations, including a majority of the Fortune 100 and almost half of the Fortune 500.

What motivated you to become a sponsor and support Service North 2023?

In the realm of open source, it is imperative to cultivate a culture of sharing and establish a community of individuals committed to learning and growing together. Scopism’s SIAM Community resonates HCL SIAM’s vision, inspiring us to partner in creating a learning environment that is transparent and trustworthy. We are excited to be a global partner with Scopism’s SIAM Community and a headline sponsor for the upcoming Service North event.

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Why do you think SIAM is important?

We are in an era where enterprises are onboarding increased number cloud-based services and plethora of emerging technologies being adopted rapidly. This is leading to ever-increasing complexity to orchestrating and delivering multi-sourced services cohesively and harmoniously. Furthermore, enterprise IT are constantly being challenged by business to digitally transform themselves in order to remain competitive in the market. As a stress test, CIOs are presented with a two-fold challenge: first, to ensure that consistent and cohesive service outcomes are served to business, and second, to ensure that the ever-evolving digital transformation is delivered at high-speed while maintaining indented quality meeting the outcome. These challenges cannot be addressed unless there is a function that pulls the string and orchestrates the services through sustainment and transformation. SIAM is a tried-and-true strategic toolkit and why its crucial for Enterprise IT.

Where do you see SIAM in 5 years’ time?

The future of enterprise IT is advancing rapidly, aligning with the next wave of industry revolution that the market demands. The line between IT and business will gradually blur over the next few years. A significant influx of technologies will become a basic necessity rather than a competitive advantage for businesses. The interconnectivity of intelligent instrumentation systems and ecosystem-wide inclusiveness will become the new norm for future IT operating models. SIAM will play a pivotal role in enabling and controlling an environment that operates with human-assisted autonomous operations and service orchestration. SIAM will increasingly be critical in bridging IT with business to deliver value through services consolidated from various human and machine-based ecosystem actors. SIAM, as a function, will be largely AI-solution driven with hyper-automation and integration as its foundation and will expand its focus primarily on developing insights for high-impact decisions and enabling continuous digital transformation.


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