Scopism TALKS: Interview with Hippo Digital’s Liz Whitefield

At our Service North 2018 conference, we were delighted to welcome service design consultancy Hippo Digital as a sponsor. Hippo Digital director Liz Whitefield ran a very interactive workshop on language and how it can get in the way of service delivery, which got rave reviews from our delegates.

Liz Whitefield – Scopism TALKS

Liz WhitefieldWe sat down with Liz at Service North to learn more about the importance of relationships in service delivery, particularly in the public sector with the clients that she is working with. Liz talked about working collaboratively across supply chains, particularly in the public sector, to make sure that customers get the value that they need.

“We need structure, process and an effective model….public sector services have huge infrastructure challenges, huge legacy services…complex systems and structures.”

In the public sector, if the customer isn’t getting value for money, then the taxpayer isn’t getting value for money. Liz focuses on the end user of the service and how upstream processes can be simplified and automated to add value. Multi-supplier delivery is about individuals coming together to work on a common problem, and to make sure the service is delivered as effectively as possible. Outcomes in the public sector can be related to health and wellbeing as well as systems like tax and access to services. SIAM is important because of the people that services are trying to help.

Thanks for sharing your expertise Liz!

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