Meet the eConsultant®: Nicklas Fredriksson, IT Excellence Evangelist

In our meet the eConsultant® blogs, you can learn more about the eConsultants who work with Scopism and could be helping your business. Today, we profile Nicklas, a Swede based in Latin America.  To work with Nicklas, visit our eConsultant® pages or view Nicklas’s profile.

Tell us about yourself

eConsultant Nicklas FredrikssonI’m a social, curious and energetic exile-Swede living in Brasil for 5 years, married to a brasileira and with two boys enriching my life. I fell in love with ITIL around Y2K and have been working, living, and preaching about the wonderful world of best practices, continuous improvement and services ever since. I recently decided to add the element of speed to the equation with DevOps, Agile and Lean. I’m also passionate about travel, really old malt beverages and a specialist in introducing tiny elements of the good life into the normal day to make life more fun.

How did you arrive in Latin America?

I have been a fan of Brasil since I first travelled here about 12 years ago, visiting a childhood friend. The last trip I stayed a bit longer to improve my Portuguese, met a brasileira and the rest is now in the Fredriksson history books. The ITSM and IT governance ecosystem here is very different and challenging, but that keeps me on my toes, finding new ways to make organizations use their IT and information in a smarter way to gain more business value.

What makes your approach unique?

I am a very pragmatic person, I always make things work in practice, without losing the strategic angle. I always manage to adapt what I do to the unique context of a particular client and I am very committed to their objectives. I am a “us” guy that involves, empowers and influences people to do their very best, which creates a lot of energy.

Last, but certainly not least, I always put a lot of effort in making sure that my clients organization, their key people are the heroes, are the people that are the backbone of all progress. I mentor, sometimes more actively, especially in the beginning, but usually in the background. My client’s wins are my wins, the best form of organizational development are done by the own organization, but with the competent backup support of someone like me.

What eConsultancy packages do you most enjoy delivering?

Actually I would always recommend to start out with the rapid assessment and then the change enabler.
Over the years I have developed an approach that starts with a quick but effective baseline assessment, followed by a GAP-analysis based on the business objectives, and the creation and execution of an agile improvement program. The program is built upon the findings from the first steps and considers all improvements as different program work items to be carried out grouped or separately in iterations of 4-6 weeks.

Any final words of advice?

Absolutely. Never forget that excellence is not a project, its a way of life!

See more of Nicklas in action

If you’d like to see more of Nicklas, you can see him in action in the ITSM Crowd here – sharing his thoughts on the future of ITSM and how it is evolving.