The Jigsaw Organization – putting the pieces back together

Rebuilding your organization for the future

2020 has taken the business clichés we use so often and brought them to life. ‘Change is inevitable’… ‘transform or fail’… ‘software is eating the world’. Strategies have been ripped up, plans have collapsed, and organizations in every sector and every country have had to make rapid adaptations.

Once the panic recedes, what next? Once we have smashed our organizations into pieces, how do we rebuild them? Do we go back to our previous state, or do we work towards something better?

In The Jigsaw Organization, experts and consultants from all over the world share their practical advice on how you can build something better. With topics ranging from leadership to business continuity and resilience, from agility to sourcing, you’ll find inspiration that will allow you to create positive changes. You’ll also be introduced to a range of amazing people who could help you start your transformation.

We’d love to hear from you about how you use this information. If you’d like to share your jigsaw story, get in touch –

Claire Agutter




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