SIAM BoK 2nd Edition -Japanese Translation now live

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Japanese translation of the 2nd edition of the SIAM Bodies of Knowledge. The translation was reviewed by Japanese SIAM experts, coordinated by EXIN’s Etsuko Nakagawa. We’re very grateful to them for sharing their expertise, and in this blog, they explain more about the importance of SIAM in Japanese industries.

Yuki Shiraishi – Senior Consultant

Yuki Shiraishi has been involved with SIAM through consulting and tool implementation support for service management. His organization is Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

“SIAM is a very useful body of knowledge for both service users and service providers. The BoK is like a common language for those involved with service management, and I’m positive that it will be the basis for today’s service management”

Yuki Shiraishi

Mayumi Shimasaki – Senior Specialist in Business System Strategy Department

Mayumi Shimasaki has been working on the ITSM implementation at Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. since 2016. The challenge of the initiative has always been to establish good governance and develop an ITSM culture in the entire organization. In the environment with over 1000 members involved in providing IT services at global locations, Murata needed more advanced ITSM practices to enhance their ITIL base. SIAM fits in well at Murata and has solved some challenges, and, in fact, Murata initiated some activities by following the SIAM approach.

“I look forward to seeing more companies adopting the SIAM approach in Japan and making an improvement in the multi-service provider environment. I personally believe SIAM is an effective solution to manage IT services in the multi-service provider environment, especially for global companies with mixed cultural backgrounds. The BoKs will help you to understand the reasons and benefits of adopting a SIAM model and how to build and deploy the model. By taking the SIAM Professional training course and working on the case study provided in the training, which is well designed and very practical, the knowledge gained from the BoKs will become more like real experience.”

Mayumi Shimasaki

Toshio Suzuki – Managing Director

Toshio Suzuki is a SIAM Professional trainer and consultant, and the managing director at DIG2 Next Inc.

“I strongly believe SIAM is an essential body of knowledge for service management in today’s multi-service provider environment. The BoKs are very useful in providing consulting services to our customers.”

Toshio Suzuki

Juro Miura – CEO

Juro Miura is CEO at MJ LLC, Management Systems Initiative Japan. He is a SIAM Foundation and Professional trainer and offers consultancy services related to outsourcing and multi-sourcing.

“Many customers are facing difficulties related to the governance and management of multi-sourcing, or others are locked into a contract with a fully outsourced single provider. Customers are using SIAM to support their digital transformation.”

Juro Miura

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