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In this blog, you can learn more about one of the sponsors for our SIAM conference: Service North. Service North is taking place in Manchester, UK on the 1st of November, with a broad range of presentations from SIAM experts. You can view the agenda and book your place here.


About ServiceNow

Founded in 2004, ServiceNow is a company that was built on innovation. The founder and chairman, Fred Luddy, started with a simple idea: make work better for people. The company products and solutions are built on the knowledge that the future is getting smarter and changing how everyone works. ServiceNow think this will be a good thing – especially as we create technology to make everyday work more meaningful and fulfilling for people around the world. We’re eliminating mindless tasks and freeing people to do what they do best, which is worthy work, indeed.

The NowPlatform® is an intelligent and intuitive platform for work. It is a Single platform for automating business processes. This enables businesses to work effortlessly and innovate freely across teams, silos, and systems. By digitizing their business processes, businesses can intelligently automate tasks and workflows that integrate systems, people, and data across the enterprise. The NowPlatform® supports ServiceNow solutions using a single data model. Its easy‑to‑use development environment enables business users to build low‑code solutions while empowering experienced developers with new and innovative rapid development capabilities. By utilising AI‑powered chatbots and machine learning, our workforce can think more intelligently so the enterprise can work more efficiently. This enables businesses to seamlessly connect and orchestrate enterprise applications to drive faster and smarter customer and employee experiences across IT, customer service, security operations, HR service delivery or any department.

ServiceNow is recognised as market leader by industry analysts, notably a leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management (for the 5th successive year) and a leader in the Forrester Wave in Enterprise Service Management 3Q 2018. Forbes Magazine recently recognised ServiceNow as the #1 world’s most innovative company. ServiceNow has 46% of the world’s G2K companies on its books and boasts a 98% renewal rate, as well as a 47% estimated market share in the Global ITSM space. All of these successes have combined to take the company earnings from $28m in 2009 to over $2Bn in 2018.


ServiceNow and SIAM

ServiceNow brings together processes from across an organization and multiple suppliers into a single platform. This eliminates the pain and overhead of working with multiple systems wondering which is the source of truth. All applications share a common workflow engine and reporting. The ServiceNow cloud-based integration layer supports the digitalization of businesses from IT out and helps implement an industry-standard tool that allows the fast set up of interfaces to our service providers. ServiceNow provides a solid starting point for a SIAM journey, allowing companies to consolidate legacy platforms and reduce their reliance on point solutions.

The NowPlatform® enables Realtime and predictive measurement and evaluation of service and provider performance as well as aggregation to service or provider performance scorecards. It also enables real-time monitoring of governance and risk compliance across internal and external service providers. Using the ServiceNow solution makes it easier to understand and manage the cost of IT projects and services, while validating and aggregating service provider billing to inform IT chargebacks where applicable. Additionally, the NowPlatform® enables Service provider and contract on-boarding and off-boarding with simplified tools integration.

When business needs outpace the capabilities of your development team, they end up with a serious backlog. But with the ServiceNow® IntegrationHub, business IT generalists and process analysts can pick up the slack and break those backlogs easily. Developers can build reusable integration components using REST, PowerShell, and script. This enables the easy extension of flows to external services, codelessly, with pre-built spokes using an intuitive, natural language interface.


The ServiceNow team at Service North

Damien Davis, from ServiceNow, will be speaking about how to set up your business for SIAM success; How to remove technical complexity, manage continuing cost pressure and meet the ever increasing demands of the business. Learn how to implement a SIAM framework in your organisation so that IT can deliver service quality and provide a seamless end-user experience, no matter what the service, of whoever is providing the service. Executive sponsorship, organisational willingness to change and using proven enabling technology are all essential components of a successful SIAM implementation. Your organisation has a unique opportunity to transform the way that you deliver IT services and to increase the value you provide to your business. Getting all the key success factors in place will help you achieve your goals and satisfy your stakeholders more quickly and cost effectively.


About the Author

Damien is the EMEA Outbound Product Management Lead for the IT Service Management (ITSM) Business Unit at ServiceNow. In this role, he is responsible for evaluating how the ServiceNow ITSM solution solves the market’s problems and how it does it better than the competition. In addition to educating the market about ServiceNow’s ITSM offerings, Damien also provides feedback from customer and partner interactions back to the internal product teams. This helps align the ServiceNow product road map with the prevalent market needs. In his prior role, Damien was a Senior Manager within the Customer Support organization, responsible for the Major Incident Management and Account Escalations functions. You can learn more about ServiceNow here.


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