Service North Speaker Roundup


On March 30th, we held Service North: SIAM Edition in Leeds, UK.  We gathered together 100 SIAM aficionados for a day of presentations, workshops and networking.  In this article, you’ll find a quick roundup of our speakers and presentations, with links to the slides where authorised.  If you need SIAM advice or help, these people and companies are a great place to start!

Keynote: Smart SIAM by Andrea Kis from ISG

Conference sponsors ISG also provided Andrea, our keynote speaker.  A renowned international expert on SIAM and business relationship management, Andrea shared the Smart SIAM concept she is pioneering.  Smart SIAM enables digital transformation, and is a combination of multi-vendor integrated service delivery, relationship management, intelligent and predictive analytics that enable service suppliers to respond to the rapidly changing interactive digital needs of smart citizens.  The future is Smart SIAM.

See the slides here.

Cyber Psychos and the Uncomfortable Truth by Gary Hibberd from the Agenci

Gary shared a slightly different take with us to look at the darker corners of the worldwide web.  He presented some scary (and interesting) statistics about the darker side of the web, and looked at some of the risks that are part of a multi-vendor environment.

See the slides here.

Future Sourcing: Tales from the Front Line by Richard Wright from Historic England and Jon Morley from Littlefish

Littlefish and Historic England have been working in partnership since late 2016.  Jon and Richard shared some of the challenges they have faced, and the key principles they have put in place to develop a successful partnership and support collaborative working.

See the slides here.

SIAM Implementation Lesson Learned by Kevin Holland, independent

Kevin’s interesting and lively session looked at where to start with SIAM, taking service providers and staff on a journey.  The facilitated workshop helped delegates to think about their own SIAM challenges, and gave them some practical guidance on real life situations.

If You Do Anything in your SIAM Programme, Make Sure You Do These Things by Steve Morgan from Syniad IT

In another lively session, Steve shared his practical experiences of implementing complex SIAM models and the common stumbling blocks that organizations experience.

See the slides here.

After the Honeymoon: Keeping your SIAM Relationships Alive by Trisha Booth and Charlotte Parnham from Atos

What happens after the contracts are signed?  Trisha and Charlotte used the analogy of a relationship to look at how a SIAM engagement matures, and gave delegates some techniques and tools to help them keep their SIAM relationships alive.

Any Eye for Integration by Anthony Stephens, BBC

Anthony used his experience of digital transformation to give delegates some guidance on identifying the business audience, creating an effective service structure and choosing a service integrator.

See the slides here.

Thanks for all of our speakers for helping to make Service North: SIAM Edition a brilliant day.


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