Service North 2023 Sponsor Profile: 2Grips

Welcoming Our Esteemed Sponsors for ServiceNorth 2023.

We are thrilled to announce the invaluable support of our sponsors for ServiceNorth 2023, without whom this event would not have been possible. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to the industry is commendable, and we are honored to have them on board.

In this blog we present you with our sponsor 2Grips, where Jordy Mertens, COO at 2Grips talks about their motivation to sponsor ServiceNorth 2023, the importance of SIAM and some forecasts about SIAM in 5 years’s time.

About 2Grips

2Grips helps organizations or departments within organizations that provide services to improve their service delivery and increase their customer satisfaction. We do this by optimizing 4 dimensions:

  • Organization and people
  • Processes and customer journeys
  • Collaboration between internal and external parties
  • Tooling to support all this.

We provide health checks, consultancy and training (both classroom and e-learning).

What motivated you to become a sponsor and support Service North 2023?

Within the BENELUX we were one of the first consultancy companies, if not the first, to pick up SIAM. We immediately saw the added value of the service integrator layer and saw this as a solution to the many problems we saw with customers. We have been a sponsor from the start and also speak annually at the Service North events.

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Why do you think SIAM is important?

For me SIAM is important for several reasons:

  • SIAM helps organizations integrate and manage multiple service providers and ensuring that services are delivered in an efficient and effective manner. It promotes coordination and collaboration among service providers, which can lead to cost savings and improved service quality.
  • SIAM helps maintain a high level of service quality, by implementing consistent processes and standards.
  • SIAM allows organizations to be more flexible and adaptable in choosing and managing service providers. It enables organizations to add or replace service providers as needed, ensuring that they can respond to changing business requirements and market conditions.
  • SIAM introduces governance and compliance mechanisms to ensure that service providers adhere to contractual agreements, industry regulations, and organizational policies.
  • SIAM promotes a culture of continuous improvement by regularly assessing service provider performance, identifying areas for enhancement, and implementing changes to optimize service delivery.

Where do you see SIAM in 5 years’ time?

Because more and more organizations outsource services to multiple parties, and this trend will only continue, there will certainly be a greater need for service integration within 5 years. When customers talk about SIAM, it is often about coordinating incidents across multiple suppliers. With 2Grips we do everything we can to help customers understand that SIAM, or service integration, is about much more than just coordinating incidents across multiple suppliers. Within 5 years we hope that SIAM will be as well known and integrated as service management in general.

What does SIAM mean to you?

SIAM is a framework and approach used by organizations to effectively manage and integrate services from multiple service providers. It’s about ensuring that various service providers work together cohesively to deliver integrated and high-quality services that align with the organization’s business objectives. SIAM is an important concept in the field of service management and is designed to address the challenges and complexities that arise when multiple service providers are involved in delivering services. It introduces various processes, roles, and governance structures to coordinate and manage these services effectively.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Selecting the right supplier to outsource your services is about much more than just the price. If your organization has a customer-oriented culture, it is very important to select a supplier who can contribute to your customer experience. A real match between the culture of the organization and the intrinsic motivation of the suppliers to be hired is essential. There are actually many parallels with recruiting new employees. It revolves around the intrinsic motivation of the supplier to do business and how the supplier has the preconditions in order to deliver service excellence.

A service excellence due diligence can be used to uncover this information from potential suppliers. This includes in-depth research into the organization of the possible suppliers, which provides a good picture of the potential of a supplier to become partners for life.

About the author

Throughout his career Jordy has been involved in various service management implementation and optimisation projects. In addition, Jordy has guided numerous organisations in selecting and implementing the appropriate service management solution. Finally Jordy has helped organizations embedding organizational change by training and coaching of the employees.

Because Jordy gets his energy from optimising processes, he has taken on the role of COO at 2Grips. In this role, he is responsible for monitoring all current projects, employees, the support department and for optimising 2Grips’ internal processes.


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