Service North 2022 Gold Sponsor Profile: Syniad IT

Great sponsors make great events.

We are delighted to welcome Syniad IT as one of our gold Service North Sponsors in 2022 – their fifth time at our event. And on this occasion we would like to say a huge thanks to Syniad IT for being with us from the start. Your sponsorship is integral to our success and your support is greatly appreciated!

In this blog, the Director of Syniad IT, Steve Morgan talks about why SIAM is a hot topic for 2022 and as well about what problems does SIAM fix. He as well gives insights about his presentation, that will take place on 6th April, Service North Conference Day 1.

About Syniad IT

My name is Steve Morgan and I’m the Director of Syniad IT.  

Syniad IT are a consulting firm specialising in IT assessment, and operating model design and implementation. Formed in 2012, we have established ourselves as leaders in the area of multi-supplier operating model design, based on the Service Integration & Management framework.

Why is SIAM a hot topic for 2022?

SIAM has been around for a few years now and awareness is much higher than before.  Some organisations have already adopted a SIAM operating model and are keen to learn how they can optimise it before they embark upon their second-generation SIAM programmes.

Others are still coming to SIAM, particularly in the private sector and particularly from organisations based outside of the UK.

The key to a successful SIAM implementation is learning how to adapt the principles described in the SIAM framework for your own organisation.  Like other frameworks, there’s no such thing as a textbook implementation, nor is there a drag-and-drop approach to making SIAM successful.  Each organisation has its own challenges, objectives and desired outcomes, so understanding these and tailoring the programme to meet these needs is vital.

What Problems does SIAM fix?

SIAM is not a “golden bullet” and should not be looked at as the “fix” to any particular issue that an organisation might be facing.  However, adopting SIAM principles will help bring structure to the implementation of a multi-supplier IT operating model.  Furthermore, following the SIAM framework’s advice for the delivery of IT services in a multi-supplier environment will also bring much needed focus on the following key elements:

•          Organisation Design

•          Process

•          Governance, measures and reporting

•          Cultural change

•          IT tooling

The elements listed above are typically areas which become more complex when a multi-supplier approach is adopted, so whilst SIAM may not “fix” every one of them, having the SIAM framework and its inherent advice to fall back on will certainly provide a sound foundation for success.

What are we doing at Service North 2022?

I am presenting on the subject of our SIAM implementation tips. We can talk from practical experience of having been involved in the delivery of numerous programmes, so please come along to my presentation on April 6th, at 10:30am.

Service North 2022 Speaker Spotlight: Steve Morgan

We’ll also be exhibiting, which provides us with a great opportunity to meet with existing clients and for everyone to come along and engage with us!

As well, there’s a plethora of SIAM related content on our website, that you can access for free! Click here to access our SIAM content!

We look forward to seeing you at the #ServiceNorth event!

About the author

Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan is Director of Syniad IT, a specialist consulting firm, specialising in IT operating model assessment, design and implementation. Steve has extensive experience of running and improving IT organisations, having worked with some of the world’s most complex and challenging companies. Steve has worked on the UK’s most high profile SIAM programmes, and is part of the SIAM author team for many SIAM publications.


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