Inaugural meeting of the SIAM Leadership Council

On November 8th, 2023, Scopism hosted the inaugural meeting of the SIAM Leadership Council at the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel in Manchester, UK. The impressive venue provided the perfect backdrop for a meeting of thought leaders from the SIAM industry around the world.


The Council attendees included Scopism SIAM community partner HCLSoftware, education partner EXIN, and other key industry representatives. The meeting attendees were:

  • HCLSoftware – Mohan Kewalramani, Tarun Gupta, Bob D’Cruz, Aditya Kashyap
  • Kyndryl – Michiel Boom
  • 4me – Cor Winkler Prins, Manjit Rai
  • Atos – Paul Drayton
  • Tata Consultancy Services – Martin Neville
  • EXIN – Suzanne Galletly, Namrata Sahoo
  • Scopism – Claire Agutter, Stephanie Ward

In the future, Scopism partners will be invited to bring client representatives who can provide their perspective.

The agenda

The meeting agenda included how the Council will carry out its business, introductions, and analysis and prioritization of focus areas for the SIAM community over the next 12 months.

As this was the first meeting of the Council, it was important to establish ways of working to allow the parties in the room to collaborate in a productive, safe and fun way. Just like in a SIAM ecosystem, we have different organizations working together to produce great things.

Analysis and prioritization of focus areas

Claire Agutter used the Lean Coffee method to facilitate this section of the meeting. Attendees added topics to cards, and then spent time identifying duplication and linked topics, as well as explaining anything that wasn’t clear.

Once the cards were complete, each attendee used three ‘dots’ to prioritize the topics. The cards that were not discussed on the day have not been lost – they will make an appearance in future Council meetings as necessary.

The top 3 topics on the day were:

  • SIAM at the strategic level
  • Enterprise SIAM/enterprise service management
  • SIAM in North America

Due to time constraints on the day, SIAM at the strategic level and SIAM in North America were discussed in detail and enterprise SIAM was parked for future discussion.

For a more strategic approach to SIAM, the meeting discussed how to better position SIAM at the board level and the language that is used. The topic links to the SIAM pitch material currently in development within the SIAM community, and attendees took away actions to help create more content that will support this area.

For SIAM in North America, all attendees agreed that there is an opportunity to expand SIAM adoption and awareness. The Council discussed why SIAM take up in North America is not as high/visible and EXIN provided some data around SIAM examination figures which reflects this. The Scopism representatives and all attendees took away an action to support local case studies, ambassadors, and also look at either a dedicated SIAM event or adding SIAM content to an existing event in this region.

The date and time of the next meeting will be published soon.


With this being the first meeting of the Council, it was important to spend time addressing how the Council will work before moving into more general topics. Overall the meeting was very successful with excellent contributions from all attendees reflecting their knowledge and experience of the market. The key topics highlighted will provide important direction for the Scopism SIAM community.


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