Service North 2023 Sponsor Profile: 4me

Welcoming Our Esteemed Sponsors for ServiceNorth 2023.

We are thrilled to announce the invaluable support of our sponsors for ServiceNorth 2023, without whom this event would not have been possible. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to the industry is commendable, and we are honored to have them on board.

In this blog we present you with our platinum sponsor 4me, where Martijn Adams, General Manager at 4me talks about their motivation to sponsor ServiceNorth 2023, the importance of SIAM and some forecasts about SIAM in 5 years’s time.

About 4me

4me is a service-oriented platform designed to be the IT Service Management (ITSM) solution for tomorrow. We replace legacy service management systems with a new model, focused on a service-centric approach which we believe is better suited to drive the agility, connectivity, and visibility today’s IT leaders need. Our multi-tenant, highly scalable, secure cloud platform raises productivity, empowers your teams, and transforms your business into an agile, service-driven enterprise.

What motivated you to become a sponsor and support Service North 2023?

Our motivation to sponsor and support Service North 2023 stems from our dedication to advancing ITSM and Enterprise Service Management (ESM). We see Service North as an ideal platform to share our insights, expertise, and innovative solutions with the ITSM community. Our goal is to empower organisations to enhance service quality, reduce operational costs, and streamline their ITSM processes. By participating in Service North, we can engage with like-minded professionals and organisations, share our knowledge, and contribute to the collective growth of the ITSM industry. We’re excited to connect, collaborate, and drive positive change in the service management landscape.

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Why do you think SIAM is important?

For organisations to be successful, they need to specialise. This means outsourcing everything else. Because there are now so many services that a typical enterprise needs to function, no single service provider can still offer all of them. In the old days, it may have been possible to outsource the entire IT department to IBM or EDS, but today many specialised service providers are needed to cover everything the enterprise needs. These providers need to be able to work together effectively with teams from the enterprise, as well as from other providers. SIAM provides the best practices needed to manage all these relationships. The better an enterprise is at SIAM, the faster it is able to realise its digital transformation initiatives, which will determine its competitiveness.

Where do you see SIAM in 5 years’ time?

In five years, SIAM will have been adopted in the IT function of most large enterprises. Some of those will already be using SIAM beyond IT.

What does SIAM mean to you?

For us, SIAM means that our organisation can focus on what it does best. We can dynamically bring new external providers on as we need them and let go of providers that are no longer needed. This year, for example, we wanted to speed up the development of some of our product’s AI features and were able to supplement our own team with AI teams from specialised consulting firms in the U.S. and Australia.

SIAM has been around for quite a few years already. It is time to take a look at the tools that have been able to make SIAM initiatives most successful and whether inadequate tools and tooling costs are hindering wider adoption of SIAM.

About the author

Martijn Adams, General Manager at 4me, is a dynamic leader passionate about empowering organisations for success. With a profound understanding of service management, Martijn has spearheaded 4me’s growth and innovation. He champions collaboration, empowers his team, and stays ahead of industry trends, ensuring 4me remains a pioneer in service management solutions.


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