Service North 2022 Gold Sponsor Profile: 2Grips

Great sponsors make great events.

We are thrilled to have 2Grips as one of our gold Service North Sponsors in 2022. And on this occasion we would like to say a huge thanks to 2Grips for being with us at 2022. We take this opportunity to thank you and your entire team for the unwavering support and guidance.

In this blog, the CEO and co-founder of 2Grips, Danny Van Vosselen talks about about the services they offer and how to get your Service Management challenges under control in the most effective and efficient way taking into account your organisation, your internal processes, your co-workers and your tools.

About 2Grips

2Grips helps its customers to align their service delivery with their business strategy and to improve it continuously and proactively. We give advice, we coach and we execute. In short, we help you grow as a service-oriented organisation focused on making and keeping your customers and end users satisfied.

Our company name is based upon the phrase, ‘getting to, or coming to, grips’; in other words, facing and solving challenging problems. This is what 2Grips will signify to you: a means of arriving at solutions for all challenges faced in the field of Service Management.

Our services are based on the 3 main questions within Service Management: Where are we now?, Where do we want or need to be?, How do we get there? Depending on your needs, we provide our services separately or combined. And this with one aim: to get your Service Management challenges under control in the most effective and efficient way taking into account your organisation, your internal processes, your co-workers and your tools.

With our Health Check services we identify gaps and areas for improvement within your current IT- , Enterprise Service Management, tooling operations and asset management. Our recommendations for improvement are based on industry best practices combined with our practical experience. These Health Check services also include the SIAM readiness and Customer Experience Readiness assessment, in which we evaluate whether the requirements for starting initiatives like this are fulfilled.

Our Service Strategy services focus on the four dimensions of service management: your organisation and people, your partners and suppliers, your value streams and processes, and your technology. We help you define your strategy and your objectives for improving your operational efficiency. Together with you, we explore the journey to a higher level of performance.

With our Service Improvement services, we help you to realise the desired value stream by ensuring that the work can be done efficiently and effectively. We guide you in your efforts to optimise your processes and tools supported by the optimal allocation of your co-workers.

2Grips likes to share knowledge and experiences via networking events, interactive workshops and a wide range of classroom trainings and e-learnings. Take a look at our Event and Training Calendar or just contact us. We would love to hear from you.

What are we doing at Service North 2022?

I am presenting on the subject of how can SIAM help you in getting the overall end to end experience of your services to a higher level and assist you in your XLA journey. My presentation named “From SIAM to XIAM” is scheduled on April 6th, at 13:45pm.

We’ll also be exhibiting, which provides us with a great opportunity to meet with existing clients and for everyone to come along and engage with us!

We look forward to seeing you at the #ServiceNorth event!

About the author

Danny Van Vosselen

Danny Van Vosselen is the CEO and co-founder of 2Grips, a Belgian-Dutch company specialised in Service Management. He started his career 30 years ago in various roles before becoming self-employed in his specialisation of IT service management in 2006. After a few years and name changes, 2Grips was born.

As a consultant, Danny has assisted both large and small private companies, public authorities and educational institutions like the Province of East-Flanders and the University of Hasselt. Characteristic of his approach is his strong focus on the human factor and his attention to attitudes, behaviour and culture. Danny is also a SIAM Health assessment contributor. Don’t hesitate to contact him for a good chat about his passion for service management.


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