eConsultancy Package Profile: Mentoring

In our package profile articles, you can read more about each of our eConsultancy packages.  In this article, we focus on our mentoring package.  This package has been created to give people access to support and advice in a role or an area that they’re not completely familiar with.

View the mentoring package here.

What is it?

This package provides up to 24 hours of time with your chosen eConsultant® over a 12-week period.  It provides support and mentoring to help you set and review your goals and objectives, apply skills and knowledge and gives you a sounding board for ideas and projects you are formulating or implementing.

If you’ve ever had a new role that has stretched your skills, you’ll know that it can sometimes feel a bit daunting. Sometimes, people don’t feel comfortable asking for help, or admitting they don’t know something.  Your eConsultant® is there for you, to provide the support you need with complete objectivity.

Who is it for?

This package is suitable for:

  • People who are in a new post and need support and mentoring
  • People who are recently qualified in different areas of IT management and who want to start to use what they’ve learnt, but need support

How does it work?

Your package starts with a kick-off consultation with your eConsultant®. During this conversation, you will get to know your eConsultant®. They will ask you about what you want to achieve and gain understanding of your role and the organization you work within.

At the end of the initial consultation you and your eConsultant® will agree:

  • Overall objectives for the engagement
  • A draft timetable for eConsultancy sessions

After the initial consultation, your eConsultant® confirms the objectives via email and sets up a series of diary appointments.  The hours available as part of the package can be used for conference calls, or you may want to use some of them to ask your eConsultant® to review documents or plans that you have produced. The draft timetable you set at the start of the engagement is flexible, subject to both you and your eConsultant’s availability.

Remember – your eConsultant® is there to support and guide you, not there to do the work for you.

The small print

All Scopism eConsultants are respected industry experts in their fields. They work with you alongside other engagements so it’s important to collaborate with your eConsultant® on a timetable plan that fits both your schedules.  All consultancy is delivered via conference call facilities and email. There is no face to face element in this package.  The package ends after 12 weeks. Any unused hours expire at this point – if you wish to extend your package please email to discuss the options.


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