The SIAM Professional Body of Knowledge is live!

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We’re delighted to announce the launch of SIAM Professional today. You can download a copy for free now.

When we started work on the SIAM Foundation BoK in 2016, it quickly became apparent that while there are some common SIAM themes, there is also huge variation in how SIAM is ‘done’ in the real world.

In SIAM Professional, we’ve been able to dig into the SIAM roadmap in much more detail, sharing our authors’ experience, stories and strategies. In the text, you’ll find some stories about real organizations and how they have done SIAM. As with the Foundation BoK, SIAM Professional will be useful for you whether you’re a commissioning customer organization, a service integrator or a service provider working in a SIAM model.

Rob Stroud, who wrote the preface for the SIAM Professional BoK says “For organizations who are facing the challenges of integration of multiple suppliers and outsourcers, this publication is highly recommended.”

We’d like to thank all of our authors – and look out for more SIAM blogs and whitepapers in 2018.

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