Scopism TALKS: Interview with 4me’s Cor Winkler Prins

At our Service North 2018 conference, we were delighted to welcome software rising stars 4me as our platinum sponsor. As well as sponsoring the 2018 Global SIAM Survey, 4me CEO Cor Winkler Prins gave a powerful keynote to open the conference.

Cor Winkler Prins – Scopism TALKS

Cor Winkler Prins headshotWe sat down with Cor at Service North to learn more about how he sees the role of SIAM developing. Our discussion included the role of SIAM in digital transformation, as organizations become more and more dependent on external service providers and need access to a wide range of digital skills. Digital skills can be hard to find, and services need to be supported in the long term, after the initial set up is complete. The role of managed service providers is growing, almost by stealth, as organizations selectively outsource services. SIAM is becoming a crucial capability to manage these service providers. SIAM can help companies become more productive and more successful.

Cor explains how ‘SIAM’ gives a label to a way of working that’s existed for a long term, creating a common language, structure, and room for knowledge sharing.

“SIAM is more important, and more exciting, than most people realize.”

We asked Cor for his SIAM top tips as well. These focused on collaboration – how do you work with your service providers in an integrated way to deliver value and innovation? It’s more than just passing tickets between service providers. Finally, Cor shares how SIAM allows organizations to specialize for the benefit of everyone. Knowledge passes between all the organizations in a SIAM ecosystem, raising the standard for everyone.

Thanks for sharing your expertise Cor!

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