Meet the eConsultant®: Simone Jo Moore, global explorer

In our meet the eConsultant® blogs, you can learn more about the eConsultants who work with Scopism and are available to help your business. Today, we profile Simone, an Australian based in France. To learn more and work with Simone, view her profile.  You can also see Simone in action in this episode of the ITSM Crowd.

Tell us about yourself

simone-mooreA long-term dream became reality when my husband retired from the Royal Australian Navy and myself having a portable profession, we finally had the opportunity to move to Europe. Here, I not only enjoy my work but am in a wonderful place to explore my love of art, history, writing and cuisine. We don’t have much time to miss Australia with so much to learn that comes with living in a new culture and language. Also, we have enough family and friends scheduling visits to France, and they either bring or send care packages of Vegemite and other Australian goodies.

My career has been based in fast-paced and dynamic environments in various industries. My passion is helping people make the most of what they have and the knowledge and ability on how to move forward. Living and working from the South-West of France has widened my perspectives while I travel across countries and cultures. Exciting times are ahead as now, more than ever with the transformations happening, I get to weave my background in Organisational Change and Human Resources with my ITSM practitioner expertise and the many frameworks and methods from which to choose. I feel like a Chef that gets to create and enjoy deeper and more well rounded consulting dishes.

What’s your approach?

Staying tuned to what’s happening in the industry and exploring with the client allows us to stand together on top of a mountain where you can look behind, in front and all around and see that perhaps the original view has narrowed and come to the understanding there is a wider one available. When you reach the top of one height, you can see there is another journey to contemplate but you never need travel it alone.

Even in my permanent roles, I’ve always ‘done myself out of a job’ – a natural state as a Navy spouse when you are moved around every couple of years or so. Never be afraid of making yourself redundant. It’s so liberating and invigorating to have a consistent focus in managing the day-to-day operations while cascade training, succession planning and never leaving a job without it being in a better state. It’s about enabling the individual and organisation to have a stronger jumping off point to reach the next level of improvement.

No matter what industry, what method, what framework I use in my work, over the years, I’ve found it comes back to integrating four core principles:

People Connected – The ultimate goal is to bring deep functional expertise and success that flows through the individual, team and organisation level. With so many ways in which people connect, I explore the culture, human interaction behaviours, communication methods and the process/technical environment looking for where and how the balance is skewed. With that knowledge, I then provide the advice and ability on how to bring back the equilibrium.

Knowledge Shared – is a natural byproduct of people being connected. In helping the business engage fully with their knowledge and build collaboration, we increase capability and bottom line success. Specially when they emulate a knowledge management culture and process across the organisation for accurate, interesting and relevant business learning.

Possibilities Discovered – operating in a continuous and evolving service improvement environment clearly linked to your business vision and mission requires curiosity and to explore the minds and hearts of what makes the business and IT tick. The repartee that results leads to jump-starting people’s thinking and evolution in behaviour and actions at any level. A great way to initiate improvement opportunities.

Potential Realised – quite often people look to external solutions when the capability already exists within them, they just need someone to help them see it and use it. Then, where there is a gap with their capability and the goals they’ve set to achieve, I help people find creative and intelligent solutions across the frameworks that integrate and become the ‘new norm’ and an updated jump point. If I don’t know then I know who does and with Scopism we can bring together a powerful team.

What are your favourite eConsulting Packages?

That’s a tough question as I see them all like an artist’s box where you can pull out the brushes you need, mix your colours and paint a unique canvas for the client.

I like to start with 60 minute support to explore a client’s need and provide initial advice. That become’s a great enabler for moving into other packages if there is the need. At an individual level, I thoroughly enjoy the Mentoring, knowing that you’ve helped someone become more confident and capable. At the organisation level, I like to start with either Rapid Assessment or Strategy Setting before moving on to Building an Improvement Plan which can then be combined with or closely followed by Change Enabler that can be communicated through Industry Expert.

Explore them all because, the beauty of the packages is that you can choose one to deal with a specific need or combine them as a journey leading to an overall overhaul! Take advantage of the full potential of capability that exists.

What is your key takeaway?

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome – it always seems impossible until it’s done!