Meet the eConsultant®: James Gander, ITSM pragmatist

In our meet the eConsultant® blogs, you can learn more about the eConsultants who work with Scopism and could be helping your business. Today, we profile James, based in New Zealand.  To learn more, view James’s profile.

Tell us about yourselfeConsultant James Gander

I’ve been working in IT since the early 1990’s, doing most roles, from data entry, helpdesk, desktop support, server support and network support before realising in the late 90’s that technology was moving quicker than my brain could keep up.  Luckily I was given an opportunity within the company I worked for in the UK, to move into team leadership and management, working with teams in the UK and India. This was great as the company invested in me as a leader of people and I learnt so much about managing and leading different people, cultures and skill sets.

What took you to New Zealand?

In 2008 my family and I moved to New Zealand, fulfilling a life ambition and I took up a role as IT Operations Manager for one of the broadcast companies. After two and a half years of helping to drive improvements, I set off on my journey as a consultant in IT Operations and Service Management, helping NZ organisations to identify and drive improvements in the way that the IT teams operate.

Working in NZ is so similar yet so different to the UK. Mindsets and working practices are fundamentally the same, yet the size of organisations are so very different.

What do you enjoy about consulting?

I love the opportunities that consulting has provided me. Being able to offer advice based on 15+ years of experience of leadership and management, and still being able to learn from others is fantastic. There is never a client engagement where I don’t learn something or discover a different way of seeing things; and then I get to share that with future, and sometimes also past clients.

What are your favorite eConsultancy packages?

The areas that interest me the most are primarily focused around the IT Operations teams; ITIL® of course, COBIT, Agile Service Management and I’m now immersing myself in the DevOps world to understand how that can assist organisations here too. So using my skills and experience, I am excited to be able to support the e-consultancy packages of: