SIAM Foundation Training: Fox IT South Africa Review

When we heard that Fox IT Service Management South Africa had delivered the first SIAM Foundation course on the African continent, we were pretty impressed!  We got in touch with FOX IT’s managing director Ian Clark and course architect Franci Meyer to learn more.

Firstly we’ll start with a snippet of feedback that Fox ITSM received after the course:

“I want to compliment you and Fox ITSM for the great training. It was really a pleasure to follow this course. I am looking forward to the Professional course.”

Pretty cool!  And we’re happy to confirm that SIAM Professional will be launching later in 2017.

Why did Fox ITSM adopt SIAM?

The two main drivers behind adding SIAM to our portfolio were:

1. It was a natural fit with our focus as a company (and that of our clients) in terms of striving to manage and deliver seamless, valuable services to clients
2. The interest of individuals and delegates on this specific subject matter and operating model. Many companies have a healthy dose of what we at Fox call “SILOsitis”. It is as common as the common cold and many frameworks do not fully address this directly – we felt SIAM did (and so did our clients!!)

Fox ITSM SIAM Foundation

How does Fox ITSM bring SIAM to life?

During the 3 day course, the topic of SIAM was discussed in the context of a fine dining experience. At first, the delegates seemed confused, but after two minutes, they got the drift and we even applied SIAM to basketball teams in the US, airports, schools etc. These topics we can leave for another day…and hopefully another blog.

Everyone needs to eat – right?
Who doesn’t like good quality food?
The issue however, is that not everyone can produce a good plate of food, not even considering a full three course meal.

Now think about services…
Our customers need them – right?
Who doesn’t like good service?
The issue here is similar to the one above. Not all organisations are able to deliver good services to clients.

As we make use of different ingredients in our dishes, we make use of different suppliers (both internal and external) in our organisations for our services.

Different ingredients need to be prepared, cooked and dealt with in different ways. We don’t need the same quantity of ingredients in one dish. Based on different diners having different likes and dislikes, we need to be able to remove or add ingredients without affecting the quality of our plates of food. All ingredients are unique, but at the end of the day, everything needs to come together and complement each other. The plate of food must be great!


Very much like our complex plate of food consisting of various unique ingredients, we need to deliver complex services making use of multiple suppliers, getting all of them to work together and complement each other to deliver a quality meal and experience to the discerning client. We also need to be able to add and remove suppliers without affecting the quality of services delivered. The services we deliver must continue to be WORLD CLASS!

Like a restaurant manager, businesses should be more focused on strategy rather than trying to manage all of these unique complexities called suppliers and the products and services they deliver to us. Businesses need an integrator to integrate the silos, like our restaurant needs a top quality chef.

We need someone who knows how to bring everything together and deliver a world class service to the end client. Business needs SIAM.

Issue resolved?
Fox ITSM think so!
Bon Appetit – (and no more Silositis)